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Fast Ferry

Need a ride to Anacortes? 

Or a ride to Orcas Island?

Service daily to and from Orcas Island Ferry Terminal and Skyline Marina in Anacortes. We can accommodate pedestrians with luggage, bikes, and other gear. For more than one backpack per person please contact us directly to verify availability. For cars you must take the Washington State Ferry.


Fast Ferry



3 Days before Departure           $10

1-2 Days before Departure       $25

Same Day Departure                 $50

Summer Schedule:

Anacortes to Orcas 9 am

Orcas to Anacortes 7:30 pm

Spring / Fall Schedule:

Anacortes to Orcas 11 am

Orcas to Anacortes 5 pm

Go to Anacortes


Pick up location on Orcas Island:

Orcas Island Ferry Terminal

8368 Orcas Road, Orcas WA 98280


  • Summer

    • 7:30 pm Departure

  • Spring & Fall

    • 5 pm Departure


Drop off location in Anacortes:

Skyline Marina

2201 Skyline Way, Anacortes WA 98221

Go to Orcas Island


Pick up location in Anacortes:

Skyline Marina

2201 Skyline Way, Anacortes WA 98221


  • Summer

    • 9 am Departure

  • Spring & Fall

    • 11 am Departure


Drop off location on Orcas Island:

Orcas Island Ferry Terminal

8368 Orcas Road, Orcas WA 98280

Fast Ferry Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a restroom on the boat?

    • Yes! All of our vessels are equipped with a restroom.

  • How long is the ferry ride?

    • Only about 35 Minutes! 

  • When should we arrive?

    • We recommend at least 30 minutes prior to departure.  Review your departure location and predicted travel time the day prior to your trip. The only thing that is consistent about the traffic in this area is that it is inconsistent!  We cannot hold the boat for excessively late arrivals.  

  • Can I bring my Car?

    • No. We can only take people, pets, and gear. To bring a car to or from Orcas Island you need a reservation with the Washington State Ferry.

  • Can I bring my Dog?​

    • Yes! Pets must always be on a leash, and also require a reservation.

  • How much luggage can I bring?​

    • Like a small plane each person is allocated one backpack. Anything larger than that requires a reservation.

  • Can I bring my bike?​ kayak? SUP?

    • Yes! Within reason. Any recreational equipment also requires a reservation and early check in for loading.​​

  • Is this ferry appropriate for families with small children?​

    • All ages are allowed, but yes even infants require a reservation.

  • What's your cancellation policy?​

    • We offer changes, updates, and cancellations on our tours as long as they are more than 72 hours in advance of your departure date.  If a cancellation is made more than 72 hours in advance we are happy to refund 75% of your purchase price.  We do not make any changes, updates, or cancellations​ within the 72 hours before departure. 

  • Will seasickness be an issue?

    • Guests typically do not experience seasickness on our tours. Our vessels are very stable and the shelter of the many islands creates a calm environment on most days. If a person is very prone to motion sickness we suggest taking a non-drowsy Dramamine or Bonine the night before and the morning of the tour.

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